Transmission Repair in San Francisco, CA

Transmissions – both manual & automatic – are complex systems that need to be running at peak condition so your vehicle can run smoothly. At Fell Street Auto Repair, our mechanics specialize in auto transmissions. With our expertise, we’ll diagnose the problem, fix the issue at an affordable cost and get you on your way. We know nobody has the time to be inconvenienced with a malfunctioning transmission, so we only offer fast service you can rely on.

Here are some common signs that you might have a transmission problem that you should get checked out immediately:

Burning Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid has a very noticeable smell when it starts to burn. This could simply mean that you just need to fill up on fluid. However, it also could indicate a leak or other serious problems. No matter the issue at hand, Fell Street Auto Repair will diagnose and fix it.

Humming, Whining or Buzzing Sound – Common with automatic transmissions, these unnatural sounds could indicate serious issues with your system. These sounds could represent friction that could cause serious damage to gears and other components.

Rough Shifting – When a normally smooth shift into gear becomes a struggle, this could represent some wear and tear or portend some serious issues in the future. When shifting gears becomes a chore, the best option is to take your vehicle to a shop like Fell Street Auto Repair for an inspection.

Leaking Fluid – This might be the most obvious sign that you are having transmission problems. If leaking fluid is dripping or is found pooled under the hood, this is something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Reliable Service You Can Trust

Like with most things, if you notice something out of the ordinary, it is much easier – and often cheaper – to fix the problem early on than wait until it gets out of hand.

Fell Street Auto Repair has the expertise you need in San Francisco to fix a whole range of transmission problems, from the hydraulic system to the torque converter.

Call us today if you suspect something is wrong with your transmission!