Different Types of Transmissions

Transmission Repair in San Francisco CA

Manual Transmission

There are two major types of transmissions that a car can come equipped with. The first is a manual transmission. Manual transmission allows the driver to select gears manually with the use of a shifter and a clutch, which is operated by the driver’s left foot. Another name for this style of transmission is stick shift or standard transmission. This type of transmission is rare in the U.S. and as of 2013, only 6.5% of cars sold that year were manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission

The second type of transmission a car can have is an automatic transmission. This type of transmission is more common than its manual transmission counterpart. This type of transmission uses a torque converter, gear set, and bands to shift through the gears of a car automatically. Some automatic transmissions allow the driver limited manual control over the gear, like D1, D2, and D3.

Automatic Manual Transmission

A less common automatic transmission is Automatic Manual Transmission. It’s generally found in higher-end cars brands like BMW or Porsche. Automatic Manual Transmission is also commonly known as "Direct Shift Gearbox" (DSG) or "Sequential Manual Gearbox" (SMG). This transmission allows for fully automatic forward gear shifts and manual shifts through buttons or paddles.

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